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Lady Sunrise (Factory Theatre):

"[Corpuz] delivers a few raw, gripping moments that are difficult to watch but impossible to look away from.”

- Isabella Perrone, Broadway World

"Belinda Corpuz left me heartbroken as the trapped, trafficked Sherry, with her desperate pleas for nicer things, for help, for an out."

- Isabella O'Brien, Mooney on Theatre

"Corpuz and Zhu are clear and specific in their depictions of two women working in what is claimed to be the massage industry."

- Karen Fricker, Toronto Star

Hilot Means Healer (Cahoots & bcurrent):

"All four actors deliver emotional performances that show off both their comedic chops and physical prowess. "

- Samantha Edwards, NOW Magazine, 4N Critic's Pick

"The audience falls in love with the comic banter between Belinda Corpuz (Alma) and Aldrin Bundoc (Alfredo)."

- Sylvie Webb, Sesaya

" bursts of energy that come from Bundoc and Corpuz, still grappling with how to move on from the violence they’ve experienced, but clearly haven’t lost their lighter sides, especially seen in a formative scene where Alma teaches Alfredo how not to disturb the spirits who live in termite mounds."

- Carly Maga, Toronto Star

Tita Jokes by Tita Collective at the 2019 Toronto Fringe:

"Belinda Corpuz demonstrates both poise and vocal strength."

- Catherine Gloria, Mooney on Theatre

"Belinda Corpuz as Tita Scary stands out vocally in a number that has her belting into a broom handle"'

- Michelle Da Silva, NOW Magazine, 4N Critics Pick

"The Tita Collective is a bright spot in this year’s Fringe lineup — just don’t call them cute"

Toronto Star

Prairie Nurse (Factory Theatre/Thousand Islands Playhouse):

"Belinda Corpuz as Purification “Puring” Saberon was perfect as the ‘nice’ nurse. She was sweet
and charming but she had a backbone of steel. Her reaction whenever anyone swore was

- Sam Mooney, Mooney on Theatre


"...Corpuz’s kind-hearted Puring... coming off as the most real and relatable."

- Jordan Bimm, NOW Magazine, 4N Critic's Pick

More Reviews: The Star, The Globe and Mail

ANAK (Carlos Bulosan Theatre):


"Corpuz came out the best actress on stage with her in-depth dramatization and intelligent execution of her character. Corpuz’s range of emotions manifest the hope, aspiration, frustration, despair and anger that dwells in the tone and substance the play tries to convey."

- Philippine Reporter 

"Belinda Corpuz’s improvisation piano solo helps to create the combination of warmth and hopeful mood."

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