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Tita Collective

As recently featured on CBC, Tita Collective is an all Filipina ensemble of multidisciplinary artists based in Toronto composed of award-winning playwrights, comedians, musicians, dancers, theatre makers and actors. They explore different mediums to tell the stories of the Filipin* diaspora.

They won the 2019 Steamwhistle Producers’ Pick at the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival, Best Newcomer at the Montreal Sketch Comedy Festival, and the Second City Outstanding New Comedy Award and Tarragon Theatre’s Mainspace Patrons’ Pick at the 2019 Toronto Fringe Festival. They were also featured as part of the “19 Asian Millennial Women You Should Know” listing by Cold Tea Collective, and as part of Spotify Canada’s “Need Women” campaign for Women’s History Month.

Individually they are: Ann Paula Bautista (Peter Pan), Belinda Corpuz (Lola's Wake), Ellie Posadas (Scarborough), Alia Rasul (Just For Laughs Solo Sketch Showcase), and Maricris Rivera (A New World Being Born).

collective order

Collective Order is a collaborative jazz project created by Jon Foster and Andrew McAnsh. The concept was to get a group of Toronto-based jazz musicians together to make a live-off-the-floor record in a single session. The result is their debut album Volume One, featuring 18 musicians including Belinda Corpuz, Laura Swankey, Noel Thomson, and Joel Visentin. Everyone involved in the project is either attending or has graduated from the music programs of Humber, York University, or the University of Toronto.

Belinda's original piece, "Take" was featured in Collective Order's album, Volume Two. Her latest piece, "I Hear You", co-written with musician and vocalist, Laura Swankey, was featured in Volume 3.

"The proverbial strength of the Universal Mother on "I Hear You", combining language, multilingual spoken and sung lyrics is by far the disc’s crowning moment.” 
- Whole Note Magazine

ess & bee 

Ess and Bee is what we call the beautiful sounds created by Belinda Corpuz (vocals) and Sam Gleason (guitar). Playing repertoire that spans almost a centuries worth of composers and breaks all genre distinctions, the main concern is creating beautiful and unexpected sounds and singing songs with nothing but their essence. The music is exciting, intricate, funny, sad and more.


the wind & the water

Coming together in Toronto from different corners of Canada, their shared love of voice, harmony and improvising brought the four ladies of The Wind and the Water together. Aimee Butcher, Belinda Corpuz, Danielle Knibbe and Laura Swankey all front their own various projects but also have deep roots in choral tradition. As they switch lead, each unique voice brings it's own flavour while they deftly support each other vocally, with body percussion, and the occasional instrument. These varied sensibilities create an eclectic sound that range from lush sound scape, to deep gospel groove. Each of these ladies are accomplished writers, and bring distinct voices into each of their arrangements for the group.




Visim is a musical collective that produces a unique sound, blending the traditions of jazz and world music. During the completion of their undergraduate degrees at the University of Toronto - Faculty of Music, the eight members of Visim took on the project of showcasing arrangements of traditional folk tunes with origins ranging from each of their individual cultural backgrounds. After their first performance at the TD Jazz Festival, the culmination of the project’s success can be heard in their recently released EP “Canvas”.


Belinda Corpuz, voice

Tara Kannangara, trumpet, flugelhorn, voice

Matt Woroshyl, alto sax

Bryan Qu, tenor sax

Alexei Orechin, guitar

Ben Hognestad, piano

Malcolm Connor, bass

Evan Cartwright, drums


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