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Winter/Early Spring 2020

With a moment to breathe, I've had some time to reflect on the amazing performances and opportunities I've had so far this year. January - March was a very busy time, until current circumstances rendered a stand still. I'm grateful for all the experiences I've had thus far (listed from most recent):

NIGHTWOOD THEATRE Presents: ALL THE LITTLE ANIMALS I HAVE EATEN, written and directed by Karen Hines

Before the pandemic, I was working on an onstage production of Karen Hines' new play, All the Little Animals I Have Eaten, presented by Nightwood Theatre. Though we do not have the opportunity to perform it on stage now, we've still been developing the play!

Along with the cast and creative team, we will be performing a live-stream reading of "All the Little Animals..." on April 3rd, 7:30PM EST. If you'd like to join us, check out all the info here:

From left to right: Lucy Hill, Zorana Sadiq, Gillian Gallow, myself, Amanda Cordner, Karen Hines, Amy Rutherford, Teiya Kasahara, Ken James Stewart, Maddie Bautista


FACTORY THEATRE Presents: LADY SUNRISE, by Marjorie Chan, Directed by Nina Lee Aquino (Feb 15 - March 8

I had the amazing opportunity to play the role of Sherry in Factory Theatre's world premiere production of Lady Sunrise, as part of their 50 year anniversary season! The show was met with full to sold-out houses and rave reviews, including some personal shout outs! I am thankful for the family and sisterhood that was formed through this experience, and for the chance to portray such a powerful, fierce and heart-wrenching character and storyline.

"[Corpuz] delivers a few raw, gripping moments that are difficult to watch but impossible to look away from.” - Isabella Perrone, Broadway World

"Belinda Corpuz left me heartbroken as the trapped, trafficked Sherry, with her desperate pleas for nicer things, for help, for an out." - Isabella O'Brien, Mooney on Theatre

"Corpuz and Zhu are clear and specific in their depictions of two women working in what is claimed to be the massage industry." - Karen Fricker, Toronto Star

Left to Right: Ma-Anne Dionisio, Matt McGeachy, Marjorie Chan, Natasha Mumba, Nina Lee Aquino, Tamara Protic, Hannah Macmillan, Rosie Simon, Lindsay Wu, myself, Jackie Chau, Zoe Doyle.



With more sold out shows, Tita Collective had another successful run of Tita Jokes, this time presented at Toronto Fringe's Next Stage Theatre Festival, running at Factory Theatre.

We also had the opportunity to perform at HanHan's CD Release Show and this year's Toronto Sketchfest!

Two more exciting experiences:

- Last fall, we filmed a music video for Pantayo's new song, Heto Na! It was released this month - check it out below!

- Our podcast, Chika Chika with the Titas, was also featured in Spotify Canada's "Need Women" campaign in honour of Women's History Month, including us being showcased on one of Toronto's biggest billboards right in the heart of Dundas Square!


I know this time is challenging and complex for all. I send you big love, and hope! Until next time <3

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