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Late Fall/Early Winter 2018 Update

As the year is winding down, I've had the chance to release some new music into the world!

  • Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of writing a new piece for Collective Order's new album with long time collaborator and friend, Laura Swankey. Our work resulted in a piece called, "I Hear You", featuring a stellar ensemble of musicians: Emily Steinwall, Joanna Tendai Majoko , Jocelyn Barth, Sarah Thawer, Nebyu Yohannes, and Connor Maslen Walsh, all of whom we thank for bringing our music to life. Written in three parts, “I Hear You” confronts the social context of 2017 and 2018, and its affects on our global community. This piece is written for our mothers and all the women who came before us. It was our intention to include as many female and POC voices on this piece as possible. Having those voices alive on the recording was fulfilling and integral to the outcome of the song. A special thank you to Emily Steinwall for allowing her words to open up the song and to Paulina Corpuz for lending her voice as the third and final statement you will hear in the piece.

  • You can listen to "I Hear You" on all music streaming platforms:


  • It was such a wonderful experience getting to record Rachael Cardiello's and Daccia Bloomfield's heart-achingly beautiful pieces, alongside Danielle Knibbe, Laura Swankey, Aimée Claxton, and Chris Pruden! The track, "Baby" was featured on CBC Music's list of The Most Underrated Canadian Songs of 2018. Thank you Julia Caron and CBC Music for including us on this list! "‘Baby,’ Tidal Mouth - An awe-inspiring ode to loss and grief, “Baby” begins with hand-clapping rhythms, evocative of schoolyard games, while slowly building into boiling rage and sadness. Rachael Cardiello’s soaring vocals lead the charge, and she is slowly joined by a chorus of grieving and orphaned singers, all part of the “Dead Dads Club” (the title of their debut EP). For fans of Mountain Man, and anyone who has lost a loved one." — Julia Caron


That is it for 2018! Wishing everyone a joyous holiday season and wonderful new year ahead

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