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Fall News 2018

This fall has been filled with great performance and story creation opportunities.

  • Prairie Nurse is the opener for PlayME Podcast's new season, which has been picked up by the CBC! I reprised the role of Puring Saberon for the recording. You listen to it here.


  • I closed an eight week development/creation/performance period with Theatre Gargantua. The Wager - First Instalment had a successful week run to student audiences, with two general audience performances. Featuring: Teiya Kasahara, Kwaku Okyere, Michael Spence, myself. Directed by: Jacquie Thomas.


  • I also had a wonderful time reading Cynthia Jimenez-Hick's newest draft of her play, Apple, as part of Studio 180's 2018/19 IN DEVELOPMENT program. It was fantastic sharing this story to high school audiences from around the GTA. Featuring: Lara Arabian, Alex De Jordy, myself. Directed by: Mark McGrinder. Dramaturgy by: Byron Abalos

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